BMS system detailing and designing, documentation and implementation for one of the leading BMS EPC from USA.


Scope of Work :

  • Preparation of Sequence of operation, Preparation of IO assignment & Instrument list, Preparation of FAT EBI document, Preparation of FAT Hardware document,
  • Preparation of SAT Hardware document, Preparation of SAT EBI document
  • Preparation of OQ document, Preparation of PQ document, Preparation of IQ document, QBD database, Graphics development, Logic Development for AHU’s,
  • Logic Development for MAU’s, Logic Development for Chiller’s, Logic Development of Hot water system, Preparation of progress report, Integration Testing PLC and
  • SCADA graphics.

Platform: Honeywell HC900/EBI SCADA, /Engineering documents Schneider Electric: EBO, SBO, Transition & modernisation, Software, Hardware & Engineering document