Distilleries need to complete several difference processes in batches to achieve the most advantageous performance. This can be successfully achieved by implementing planned automation systems that are calibrated precisely for the distillery industry. When it comes to automation solutions services for distilleries, there is very few companies which has skilled & experienced team better equipped to handle such niche requirement than iPAC Automation. With years of experience in the field and the right kind of personnel, iPAC Automation delivers premium quality automation services for distilleries, with focus on increased productivity and easy, hands-free operation, with centralized control. Our experts treat each project on its merit and deliver completely customized solutions, tailor-made for specific situations.
iPAC Automation’s engineers have experience in various automation control units of this domain including –

  • Automation of fermentation process which provides active monitoring of composition, alcohol content and degree of fermentation, with the option of automatically adding material so that the fermentation process is efficient and continues at optimum levels.
  • Liquefaction system automation which provides total control on the liquefaction process, with the option to automate the operations of cookers and coolers to achieve a productive balance.
  • Automation of the distillation procedure which ensures that you have complete control of your distillation columns, including real-time monitoring of temperature, pressure and the composition of materials in the column. Handling of heating and cooling systems and the addition of new material can also be automated with pre-set specifications.
  • Automation of malt-handling systems which provide total control of malt silos, spent grain silos, conveyor belts, removal pumps and analytical equipment to provide great productivity with minimum human interaction.
  • Bottling automation which produces bottled product with machine grade perfection with the help of automated processes with pre-defined parameters.

iPAC Automation offers the finest automation services / resources, if you want to cost-effectively increase productivity in your distillery project.

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