iPAC offers solutions as services on one of the most important instrumentation engineering tools SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI). The identical programme was formerly called as the Intools. Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Projects employ this software as a single, widely-used instrumentation application. Accessing and upgrading the instruments used in any plant for various duties is made easier by smart plant instrumentation.

iPAC offers following services for SPI
1 P & ID
2 Instrumentation index
3 I/O List
4 Preparing PT,FT,LT,TT,CV,MOV, XV, DCS, PLC (ESD-PLC) etc datasheet
5 Flow Calculations and Sizing of Control valves, Orifice plates & PSV
6 Material Requisition
7 Technical Bid Evaluation
8 Purchase Requisition
9 Vendor Document Review
10 Wiring diagram:
A) Loop Wiring
B) Junction Box Wiring
C) E & I Interface
D) Instrument Hook-up
11 Cable junction Schedule

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