Building Management System (BMS) and solutions in Pune

Building Management System (BMS)

A building’s electrical equipment, such as the ventilation, lighting, energy, fire, and security systems, are controlled and monitored by a computer-based system known as a building management system (BMS). BMS systems are consist of both software and Hardware.

A BMS is necessary for every new construction and is critical for regulating energy consumption in a cost-effective manner. It enables users to lower energy expenses and give the highest level of comfort for visitors, tenants, and residents. Also It enables remote control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), saving maintenance employees time travelling to each building or room to turn off, turn on, or change temperature levels or air conditioning and reduces the possibility of human errors. iPAC offers BMS solutions on globally acceptated system platform to make it simple yet effective for you.

Sr. No. Service Type
1 7star/5star/3D Graphics development for Plant, AHU, riser,VAV, SAV,EAV etc
2 Device/ Instrument list preparation (DVL)
3 IO list preparation
4 Alarm Parameter list preparation (APL)
5 Installation Qualification (IQ)
6 Operational Qualification (OQ)
7 Site Acceptance Test for Hardware (SAT-HD)
8 Site Acceptance Test for Software (SAT-SW)
9 Factory Acceptance Test for Hardware (FAT-HD)
10 Factory Acceptance Test for Software (FAT-SW)
11 Unit Level Functional Design Specification (ULFDS)
12 System Functional Specification (SFS)
13 Panel Wiring Drawings
14 Logic development for AHU, MAU and Chillers (Plant) system

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