Power Plant


Automation services are essential for the smooth and efficient running of power plants. At iPAC Automation Pvt. Ltd., our team has provided services to this important industry segment participating in cutting-edge automation services that will not only improve overall control and workflow, but also increase speed and efficiency to make the production more cost-effective as well as safe.
Our power plant automation team possesses a wealth of expertise and experience in the field, having worked with some of the top power plants in the industry today. This includes –

  • Designing and implementing SCADA systems for comprehensive automation and centralized control.
  • Complete drum control automation for implementing and monitoring water and steam ratio, load control, feed management and handling of changes in load characteristics.
  • Water feed control automation for easy and efficient feed operation with micro calculation of density compensation percentage, accurate monitoring, and speed and stability controls.
  • Temperature control automation with temperature monitoring at various important points of the system, and adequate control mechanisms for optimum performance from steam feeds.
  • Pressure control automation for overall control of all inlets, outlets, valves and fans including programmable values which enable machinery to operate without the need for manual control.
  • Combustion control automation for maintaining fuel and air mixture ratios at optimum levels and remote trimming of oxygen levels.
  • Remote monitoring of emissions and managing wastes.

With the comprehensive power plant automation services from iPAC Automation engineers, you can significantly increase productivity and quality of your project execution while making it cost-effective.

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