Water Treatment Plant


For water treatment plants to function optimally, it is best to automate the several different procedures used to treat water. This helps to achieve perfect delivery of results with minimum human intervention and thus reducing the possibility of human errors. iPAC Automation is a pioneer in the field, offering best-in-class design & engineering services to automation solution providers for water treatment plants. Our skills are augmented by inputs from our experts, who have deep knowledge of the processes at play in water treatment plants. Since we plan each project according to its merits, iPAC Automation’s services are tailor-made for the particular requirements of specific EPC / owner of water treatment plants.

Here are a few unit controls for water treatment plants where our engineering team has provided design engineering / implementation / FAT/ SAT support –

  • Aeration control for easy control of aerator fountains which focuses on quality analysis and flow control of the water, and adjusting the dosing of chemicals with respect to quality and rate of flow.
  • Automated chemical dosing which allows you to control the amount of rate of dosing in proportion to the quality of the incoming water and its rate of flow.
  • Clarifier automation which includes automated functioning of the flocculation and sedimentation processes. This makes the system more efficient by giving you complete control over the flocculation process, and automating the opening and closing of valves for sludge removal.
  • Automated water disinfection for worry-free results. This gives you the option to automatically adjust chlorination parameters, and monitor the levels of residual chlorine in treated water for removal procedures.
  • Water filtration automation for automatic monitoring and control of filter beds, monitoring and adjusting the rate of flow of water, and automatic periodical cleaning with back flush procedure which improves overall performance and productivity.

These experiences make iPAC Automation the best automation service provider to any EPC / owner of water treatment plant.

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