Dairy farms produce important consumable goods that are very much a requirement for humanity. For success in the dairy industry, it is important to make important processes smoother and more efficient by the careful and planned use of automation systems. iPAC Automation provides services to EPC companies for their automation solutions for the dairy industry, so as to increase overall productivity and improve product quality for a sustainable product pool. Our automation experts have great technical knowledge about the dairy industry, and years of experience to bolster that knowledge, thereby allowing them to plan and implement automation services with a high rate of success.

For the dairy industry, iPAC Automation offers many automation features, such as –

  • Automatic in-place cleaning solutions which are designed to take out the hassles of manual cleaning. The automatic cleaning process automatically handles all important cleaning activities at various important parts of the production line like equipment, tanks, filling lines and bottling plants.
  • Automated pouch filling systems manage the filling procedure with precision and perfection, and speeding up the process to make for faster delivery of finished product.
  • Automation of conveyor system which makes it easy to monitor and control and flow of material to and from different sections of a factory in a planned and coordinated manner. Speed control ensures that there are no bottlenecks.
  • Milk handling process automation covers all important milk related processes including the filling of milk silos, handling of raw milk and feeding rates and amounts, so as to achieve greater efficiency and decrease process times.
  • Pasteurization control automation handles every aspect of the Pasteurization process automatically for enhanced safety and better quality of end product.
  • Dryer automation enables you to simplify the milk drying process automatically.

These are some of the areas in this domain where the engineers at iPAC Automation have proven experience. You will find the best partner in iPAC Automation for your dairy production unit project.

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