Sugar Industries


For success in the sugar industry, it is important to have your factory running with maximum uptime, seamless operation and optimum productivity at all times. At iPAC Automation, we have engineers having worked on comprehensive automation solutions especially tuned for use in the sugar industry. Our services help you to execute automation project with commonly used processes in your sugar mill, control and monitor them from a centralized location and create efficient process chains which save you a lot of time and money while increasing productivity. Our experts are well-versed with the in and out of the day-to-day processes in sugar factories, and deliver services to cutting edge automation solutions while keeping service costs attractive.

With our highly skilled team, we at iPAC Automation strive to provide the very best in terms of service and flexibility. Some areas our services cover are –

  • Centralized Batch Pan control which enables you to produce better quality product with optimum use of raw materials, and gives you the complete control over feed flow, steam flow, vacuums and valves.
  • Cane feed control which allows you to automate the cane feeding process and make sure that cane is fed consistently without any jamming or overload. The consistent flow ensures optimum extraction, thereby making the process more efficient.
  • Juice flow control which enables you to control and monitor the rate of juice flow, thus ensuring steady and consistent flow which allows for better sulphitation and mud settling.
  • Water and Lime control features for you to stay in control of imbibition water feeds and steam feeds. Also, superior Lime control keeps juice pH within expected levels and causes better clarification of syrup.
  • Clarifier control for superior monitoring and control of Clarifier systems, which controls the rate of flow of additives and de-colorizer in proportion to the rate of flow of the syrup.

With such skilled and bespoke automation services, your sugar plant project is bound to get executed with minimum services cost with high quality & timely deliveries.

“We as a iPAC Family work together to create desired value for our customers accompanying with the vision of building more sustainable, safe & stronger world! We mean it!”

CEO, iPAC Automation Pvt. Ltd.
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