Obsolete system upgrade Control System migration project from Oman


Scope of Work :

  • Code development/modification.
  • Graphics development/modification.
  • Details Design Specification.
  • Graphics Design Specification.
  • System and marshalling cabinet Diagram.
  • Functional Design Specification.
  • Instrument cable schedule.
  • Cable block diagram.
  • JB termination details.
  • Loop wiring diagram.
  • System BOM.
  • Variation BOM.
  • Instrument datasheet.
  • Method statement document.
  • FAT done (Oman-Muscut)
  • CIR.
  • Commissioning (Oman)
  • Commissioning for Six compressors and one Furnace.
  • JB Installation.
  • Devices Installation (Gas Detector, Heat Detector, UV Detector, Flame amplifier, Flame scanner, Strobes, Beacon, Hooter, Pressure Transmitter, Limit switches etc)

Platform: Honeywell FSC Safety System, EPKS server/ ESVT Server/HIMA PLC/ Engineering documents

Industrial Automation Engineering Solution in Pune-India.