Safety of assets and human lives are critical to the functioning of commercial premise or manufacturing facility. The various Fire and Gas Engineering systems offered by iPAC Automation Pvt. Ltd. can be vital success drivers for optimum performance of your manufacturing facility. Our Fire Alarm system includes field instruments like Smoke detectors, Linear Heat detectors, HC detectors, H2 detectors, beacons, hooters, Manual Call Points, speakers, strobes, and beam detectors.

Our talented team of engineers have proficiency in providing these services. Our resources and experience make us ideal partners to provide Fire and Gas Engineering systems. Our team first does a thorough analysis of the exclusive needs of client and proposes services that seek to meet the exact challenges and needs of the particular client. We not only aid in providing our expert consulting services but are also fully capable of designing, engineering, supply, installation, planning and testing of Fire & Gas detection & Alarm panels.

The below pointers list out our capabilities Fire and Gas Engineering systems -

  • Developing Bill Of Material
  • Power Supply & Battery Calculation
  • Functional Design Specifications
  • IO Address and Taglist
  • System Architecture
  • Data sheets
  • Panel GA Drawing
  • Loop drawings
  • Panel internal wiring details
  • FAT / SAT Procedure

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