DCS/PLC Migration /Reverse Project

Consider that many process facilities in wealthy countries are more than 40 years old to put the migration problem into perspective. The same automation system has been in charge of many of these plants for more than 20 years. Although more recent vintage systems based on programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are also losing their usefulness, many of these automation systems are of the DCS sort. Revamping the plants with latest technology, iPAC helping the users to make that change more easy by using its professional migration service expertise as,

iPAC offers following services for DCS/PLC Migration/Reverse Engineering Needs
1 Existing engineering drawings review and marked up
2 FEED Drawings preparation as per existing & current DCS/PLC program.
3 Cause & Effect preparation
4 Process control narrative preparation
5 IO list preparation
6 Logic diagram Preparation in AutoCAD or other software
7 Interlock narrative document preparation
8 Flow charts preparation
9 Functional loop schematic drawings
10 Application development for ESD/FGS/PLC/DCS as per FEED & design engineering document
11 Database preparation for third party or graphics communication
12 Graphics development & QC/testing
13 System/Marshalling cabinets designing
14 Wiring Diagram
15 Electrical power distribution
16 PreFAT, FAT
17 Commissioing, Errection, Installation and site support.

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